Let’s Get Social

7th August, 08:12 Morning everyone! Hope you're having a great summer so far. Again,apologies for the fortnightly blog posts rather than weekly, but as you know I'm away right now and this is the best I can do! Today I am breaking down the social media platforms most commonly used by writers and explaining their... Continue Reading →

The Bottle

24th July, 09:10 Hi guys Today I am sharing a sonnet I've written - enjoy! Georgia x The Bottle Smooth, silky, dry yet wet, it goes down with ease, sliding into my blood, gliding into my soul; it abets, but won’t let me forget. Instead, it begins guiding the memories that were hiding so they... Continue Reading →

Dream Casting for ‘Beyond’

10th July, 09:00 Hello again! I've been looking into some different blog ideas to keep you all entertained, and came across an amazing one at Fiction University which suggested I list the actors I would love to be involved if Beyond was made into a film! How fun! Do you agree or disagree with my choices? Think someone else... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Watching

26th June, 07:47 Morning morning! I just wanted to give you guys a heads up and let you know (before I dive in to today's post) that this is my last weekly blog before I head off on hols for 6 weeks! I've done some frantic queuing, and have got blogs lined up to be... Continue Reading →

Writing Playlists

12th June, 08:04 Welcome back everyone! Sorry I had a week out - surprisingly life hasn't slowed down since finishing uni as I'm actually now well into wedding planning! So alongside that, working, holiday prepping (3 and a half weeks to go - eek!) AND trying to write I've been pretty swamped. So, for this... Continue Reading →

La Coquille

22nd May, 10:10 For this week's post I thought I'd share a poem I worked on for a piece I completed last year. At the moment I'm sharing short stories or poems once every 3-4 weeks; how are you guys finding this? Would you like to see more creative work? Or less? Let me know... Continue Reading →

Where I Turn For Inspiration

15th May, 10:03 Morning all Today I decided to blog about where I turn to for inspiration, whether for a whole new idea or to build on an existing one. Through my Open Uni course I have learnt a lot about techniques on how to find themes, characters and plots, but today I'm going to... Continue Reading →

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