BTS of ‘Beyond’: Official Release

24th February, 9:25 Morning everyone! For this week’s very special Behind The Scenes blog, I’ll be giving you the all-important info for Beyond’s official release on March 1st! I’d also like to take this quick intro opportunity to sincerely thank EVERYONE who reads my blog posts – whether you’re an avid fan and follower, pretty... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Perceptions

20th February, 14:58 Hi all! Today I thought I'd share a short story I wrote a while back so grab a cuppa, get comfy and enjoy! Georgia x Perceptions By Georgia Springate   ‘Drive. Just drive.’ Emily pushed harder on the accelerator, her foot now almost touching the floor. Her Mini groaned objectively but she... Continue Reading →

YA Books vs Films

16th February, 15:27 Hi strangers! Ok, first of all let me apologise PROFUSELY for skipping my Wednesday blog this week. Time honestly escaped me; I was snowed under with uni deadlines, work, plus a trip to Paris and it completely slipped my mind! Let me make it up to you though - below is a... Continue Reading →

Vanity Publishing – Who, What, Why

6th February, 11:00 Morning lovely readers! Today, I thought I'd cover an interesting topic; vanity publishing. This was a term that, when first looking for representation, I had never heard of. I'm sure a lot of new writers are in the same boat with this, so in today's blog I'm going to cover the basics in a... Continue Reading →

Her Greenhouse

30th January, 8:45 Morning everyone! We're almost done with Jan now and to celebrate I thought I'd share a poem with you all. Have a great week! Georgia x Her Greenhouse She sits inside the greenhouse, encased between the glass. The stifling heat, the soil beneath, shapes the world that belongs to her. Once it... Continue Reading →

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