My Favourite Childhood Books

25th September, 09:10

Hi guys!

This week I’m running through my favourite childhood books. Enjoy!

Georgia x

Winnie The Pooh: The Complete Collection of Stories & Poems – A A Milne

How could this NOT be on anyone’s favourite list!?

Favourite quote:
‘What day is it today?’ asked Pooh.
‘It’s today,’ squeaked Piglet. 
‘My favourite day,’ said Pooh.

w the pooh


The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-winkle – Beatrix Potter

Honestly I loved all of the Beatrix Potter stories, but this one was my absolute favourite. Such a lovely read!

Favourite quote:
Mrs Tiggy-winkle’s nose went sniffle, sniffle, snuffle, and her eyes went twinkle, twinkle; and she fetched another hot iron from the fire.


George’s Marvellous Medicine – Roald Dahl

I had an extensive Roald Dahl collection, but a soft spot for this one.

Favourite quote:
Never grow up… always down.


The Tiger Who Came To Tea – Judith Kerr

A beautiful book.

Favourite quote:
Sophie opened the door, and there was a big, furry, stripy tiger. The tiger said, ‘Excuse me, but I’m very hungry. Do you think I could have tea with you?’


Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – JK Rowling

Would any ‘favourites’ list be complete without a Harry Potter book!?

Favourite quote:
To the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure.



We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – Michael Rosen
An all-senses adventure and a story all in one.
Favourite quote:
We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. We’re not scared! What a beautiful day.

The Story of Tracey Beaker – Jacqueline Wilson
Favourite quote:
You’ll never guess what I did. I gave her my Mickey Mouse pen.
My Naughty Little Sister – Dorothy Edwards
Lovely (and relatable) stories!
Favourite quote:
My naughty little sister is always getting in trouble […] will she ever learn to be good?

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  1. I remember taking “My Naughty Little Sister” out from the library when I was young – that series was a favourite in our home (I was the younger sister too!) The only one I haven’t read out of your choices is Tracey Beaker.
    I also loved the Mary Plain books, and the Paddington stories too, bit of a bear theme going on!


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