What I’ve Been Watching

26th June, 07:47

Morning morning!

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up and let you know (before I dive in to today’s post) that this is my last weekly blog before I head off on hols for 6 weeks! I’ve done some frantic queuing, and have got blogs lined up to be posted every other week for the duration I’m away though, so don’t worry – you’re not completely abandoned. Just keep in mind I may not have internet access and probably won’t be checking in to read comments etc. But I’m sure I’ll be doing a holiday blog when I’m back, so you can hear all about it then! Anyway – back to today’s matter at hand – here’s the TV shows I’ve been watching recently!

Georgia x

1. Black Mirror

Ahhh I was SO excited when another season was put onto Netflix a few weeks ago! I’m sure you’ve all heard of BM, but if you haven’t and you’re into psychological thrillers, check it out. Oh, and DEFINITELY have a look at Bandersnatch. You’ll thank me later

black mirror

2. Chernobyl

You can catch this mini-series on Sky right now and boy is it worth catching! Highly dramatic, suspenseful and beautifully shot, there’s a reason everyone’s been ranting and raving about this show.


3. The Mindy Project

Ok, a little bit of a different vibe here but hear me out… This show is hilarious. If you liked The Office, Parks & Rec, that sort of vibe, I think you’ll love this show. I’ve been MASSIVELY binge-watching and have almost finished 6 seasons in 2 months (and there’s a LOT of episodes per season) but it’s just such an easy watch before bed. If you’re on the hunt for your next comedy show, look Mindy up!


4. Love Island

Yes I’m sorry it’s true, I’ve been watching it. Not religiously, but a few evenings a week – it fills my reality TV void, I guess. I have to say, though, that this year has been pretty boring compared to the last 2 seasons. So  if you didn’t catch it, don’t worry – you’re not missing much

love is

5. Dead To Me

Ok, if you’re going to check out one of the shows I’ve been watching, PICK THIS ONE. Funny, weird, sad, mysterious series all in one with some fab casting and very interesting plotlines. Only one season so far so don’t binge it too fast, though they have just confirmed season 2 – result!


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