La Coquille

22nd May, 10:10

For this week’s post I thought I’d share a poem I worked on for a piece I completed last year. At the moment I’m sharing short stories or poems once every 3-4 weeks; how are you guys finding this? Would you like to see more creative work? Or less? Let me know in the comments below!

Georgia x

La Coquille

Though we’d brought the blanket,
the sand was inevitable;
making its way into
creases of skin,
weaving itself between
strands of damp hair.
Uncomfortable, though not
to feel its grainy presence.
It kept us in the moment;
the moment I
reached out, to clasp
your hand in mine,
but instead of meeting flesh,
my fingers encased a shell;
smooth and solid, a welcome
surprise. Slipped into my pocket,
there it remained. A memoire
of the beach. A memoire of


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