Where I Turn For Inspiration

15th May, 10:03

Morning all

Today I decided to blog about where I turn to for inspiration, whether for a whole new idea or to build on an existing one. Through my Open Uni course I have learnt a lot about techniques on how to find themes, characters and plots, but today I’m going to cover physical places that I go to when I feel I need a boost – or just to be somewhere other than my bedroom!

Where do you often go when you need quiet time to think and plan? Let me know in the comments

Georgia x

Somewhere quiet…

For a quieter place to sit and think, I like going to the local library or a quieter park (one that isn’t full of screaming kids!) The library obviously hosts a wealth of books for inspo, whilst sitting outside in the park I find draws me closer to nature and lets me get some fresh air whilst gathering my thoughts.

download (1)

Somewhere busy…

On the other hand, sometimes I like to go somewhere where I can people watch or observe to get ideas for my writing. In this case – I know it’s cliche – but I often go to a coffee shop. The Wifi is free, there’s no shortage of people and, obviously, unlimited coffee!

download (2)

Somewhere cultural…

I’ve only done this once before, but did find visiting a museum effective. I personally went to an Art museum but history could be equally as inspirational. Studying the artefacts and paintings gave me great ideas for characters, and as a bonus it was free entry!


Somewhere near…

If I’m feeling pretty lazy or it’s raining, I sometimes just move into a different room in my house for a fresh perspective. It sounds silly but different lighting and colours can often have an impact and help me see my existing work/plan new ideas from a new viewpoint.

Somewhere far…

When I’m on holiday I get my best ideas whether I’m lying on a beach in Turkey on in the mountains of Bulgaria! Going to a whole new place I tend to find inspiration in everything, from an object on the ground to an interesting building. I also feel less pressured to scribble pages and pages because – well – I’m on holiday! So I often just jot down notes or outlines to bring back with me and work on at home.


So, there you have it: where I go when I need some more inspiration. Some boring, some less so – but all effective!

2 thoughts on “Where I Turn For Inspiration

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  1. I find that being outside walking around helps or strangely enough being in the shower. I think it might be the other of it, the being away from where I normally work. I have woken up and had to write something in the early hours so sleep often helps me too. Sometimes just sitting looking out of the window without even leaving my desk or taking a break and getting a drink. Sitting with or just physically doing something else lets it turn over in my mind. If all else fails there’s always tomorrow.


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