Chick Lit for the Soul

1st May, 09:04

Happy 1st of the month everyone! Isn’t this year flying by already?!

This week I’m bringing something a little different to the table. Chick lit often gets a bad wrap but let’s be real here; quite often the plots are compelling, relatable and can push you into having the good laugh/cry that you really needed. I’ve compiled a list of 5 of the best chick lit novels to really sink your teeth into, though I’m sure there’s many more out there!

Sometimes your soul just needs a good chicken soup (or chick lit!)

Georgia x


  1. Bridget Jones’ Diary – Helen Fielding

An obvious first choice. Is anyone shocked here? No, didn’t think so. But, as mainstream and popular as Bridget Jones is, there is something undeniably unique in Fielding’s presentation of a single woman getting by in life. Slightly heart-wrenching at points, though on the whole a complete comedy-fest, Bridget Jones is your lady if you need a pick-me-up chick lit.

2. Ps I love You – Cecelia Ahern

Again, a very well-known and loved novel. An emotional rollercoaster of a ride, this book follows Holly learning to deal with the death of her husband Gerry. Beautifully written with such strong characters and themes, this is the perfect chick lit if you need a good cry.

3. The Lovely Bones – Alice Seybold

This is very much a cross-over of genres and I’d say it’s definitely more drama/thriller than chick lit. However, it did appear in the chick lit section when I searched for it so I’m gonna count it! I’m sure you’ve at least heard of this one; if you haven’t, check it out immediately! A gripping tale of a young girl murdered, this is the perfect chick lit if you’re on the hunt for a hard-hitting story.

4. Me Before You -Jojo Moyles

God, what a beautiful story! Follow protagonist Lou Clarke on her new employment adventure and watch her not only fall in love, but learn to deal with the hardest news someone would ever have to take. This chick lit’s not only full of romance, emotion and the odd comedic moment, but also impact, deeper reflections and tough subjects such as death. Pick this one up if you’re into chick lits that touch you on a deeper level.

5. The Gift – Cecelia Ahern

Surprise surprise, another Ahern – can you tell I’m a fan!? Perfect at Christmas (or anytime of year really!), The Gift is an absoloutley beautiful tale following a man juggling a busy life and forgetting what’s really important – and realising, maybe when it’s too late, what he’s been missing. This book is a true though-provoker and great read!


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