24th April, 09:10

Morning all!

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and are in the mood for some poetry… Enjoy!

Georgia x


It is not something you could define on paper,
meticulously planned, rigorously ruled,
though might  have more success with a dictator;
someone to demand, reject and approve.
On the other hand, the impact may be greater
if there was a clear punishment for the fool;
a trial and outcome set by the pater
who is the supreme; never overruled.
Yet often, there is no convicted traitor
summoned to the stands; named, shamed, called
what he is. A liar, but too, a creator
of this very design. He ripped open the wound
that had never healed and burnt her, broke her,
bled her out; the villain yet the vindicator.


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