Happy Indie April!

17th April, 10:02

Morning lovely readers!

In honour of Indie April, I thought I’d compose a blog today all about how you can show your support and encourage indie authors, and why it’s so important to do so.

So, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Oh, and let me know what a few of your favourite indie books are in the comments below!

Georgia x


So, Indie April is well and truly upon us; a month in which we celebrate independent authors all over the world. Indie authors are authors that have self-published. In some people’s opinions, they also include authors who have published via an indie publishing company.

Indie authors have a tough gig: unlike authors who bagged a publishing deal with a large, financially comfortable publishing house, they use a lot of their own money, time and efforts in not only writing but editing, marketing, publishing, proofreading, cover designing and much more!

I love the idea of Indie April and believe it’s a great opportunity for indie authors to spread the word about their books, as well as for others to give indie books a try. So, here’s some great ways in which you can support independent authors!

1. Buy their book

This one’s the most obvious! If you stumble across an indie author on social media or Amazon and like the look of their work, one of the most significant ways to show your support is purchasing their work. Most indie books are available on Amazon and often at a great price via Kindle!

2. Review their book

Reviews are so so important to any author. If you have read someone’s work, please spend 5 minutes of your time writing a review via Amazon, Goodreads, or whatever platform you found/purchased it from. An honest review is so helpful for the author and as a bonus gives other potential buyers an insight as to what to expect!

3. Interact with them

Following/befriending indie authors on social media, via email etc, can really help build their following as well as your own. If you especially enjoyed an indie book, or perhaps an indie author’s latest blog post or tweet, spread the word to your own following!

4. Be a part of Indie April

Indie April is in full swing on Twitter – searching the hashtag #IndieApril will bring up a wealth of new books and authors to have a look at and get to know. If you have a little money to spare, you could welcome indie authors to give you their book links on Amazon and buy and review one!

5. Respect what they do

I have not self-published a book; I have published with an indie publisher. I therefore can only imagine the sheer amount of hard work and dedication a self-published author must have to go through. So, whatever your views, be respectful of any and all authors that you cross paths with: you want others to respect you, right?


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  1. I love your post. I am a strong supporter of indie authors and am always happy to see others spread the word, too. I have met some truly great indies on social media and am grateful for the friendships and encouragement they share with me as I am writing my debut novel and other works.


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