BTS of ‘Beyond’: Official Release

24th February, 9:25

Morning everyone! For this week’s very special Behind The Scenes blog, I’ll be giving you the all-important info for Beyond’s official release on March 1st! I’d also like to take this quick intro opportunity to sincerely thank EVERYONE who reads my blog posts – whether you’re an avid fan and follower, pretty new here, or watch from afar, I really appreciate every single person’s support for both my writing and my website. So thank you!

Georgia x


AHH I can’t believe we’re officially only 5 days till release! This whole book thing doesn’t feel real sometimes, and this is definitely one of those times. Even though at points the editing and marketing and book-cover and all that has felt like a long process, the launch itself has come around so so quickly. Eek!

So, instead of listening to me ramble like a loony about how I can’t believe this is happening, let me tell you the good stuff; the rock-solid facts.

But, just before that, let me remind you what exactly Beyond is all about…

What happens when we die? Is this really all there is? What exists beyond this life?

Alex Duncan is just an ordinary 14 year old boy. His main worries are homework, girls, the school bully…

…and his sister, Jenna who has ovarian cancer, stage B.

As his parents retreat into themselves, Alex is desperate to find a way to help, a way to make things better for his sister.

After all, it’s the not knowing that’s the worst thing.

Whilst he tries to untangle the ultimate question, life still goes on: his best friend seems oblivious to his feelings about her, the school bully has taken a special interest in him, and everything he does just makes him feel more and more awkward and out of place.

Georgia Springate’s debut novel, Beyond, is a funny and touchingly compelling coming-of-age story about love, loss and discovery. Read it and take an emotional journey through one boy’s quest to understand that most tricky of questions: what lies beyond?


Beyond is a story that I hope will resonate with many that have been, or know others, affected by loss.

In fact, some of the beta reader feedback I’ve received touches on this…

‘I could relate so much to the characters, especially Alex; his maelstrom of emotions came quite near to my own feelings in the past. I had to cry several times when reading this book – my own memories rising up again.’ – Andreas Rausch

So, yes, it is a rather emotional story (as you’ve probably gathered from the synopsis!) but it’s also been described as a feel-good, and at points funny, read. A little bit of everything!

Beyond’s publication date is 1st March, 2019 and is available to pre-order now from the following platforms:


Barnes & Noble


And all good book stores!

The retail price, for all those interested, is £7.99 for the paperback and £3.99 for the Ebook.

However, as a very special treat, for the first week the Beyond Ebook is available at only a fraction of retail price at 99p! That’s right – under a quid. Can’t go wrong with that really, can you?

So, that’s where and how you can grab your copy of my debut YA novel Beyond. If you do go ahead and buy a copy, or even if you put it on your TBR list: thank you thank you thank you for your support. I am very confident you won’t regret it!

If you would like to receive updates on my book, and any upcoming work, please join my Mailing List, the link to which is in my menu just up there. If you’re not 100% sold on buying the book, either, you will also receive a free excerpt from Beyond simply for joining! Which is a great way to try before you buy.

Well, that’s all the important info I guess. I bid you happy reading and, again, many thanks if you do decide to support!

PS. If you enjoy Beyond, I would be eternally grateful if you left a review after you read it. It can be as short and sweet as you like – or vice versa! – but really will help in generating interest. Thank you.



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