BTS of ‘Beyond’: It’s All In The Details

17th February, 9:34

Happy Sunday lovely readers!

Do you have a nice warm cup of tea/coffee in your hand? Maybe a snack in front of you? Perhaps your favourite music softly in the background? Great! You sound all comfy and content and ready to read this week’s Behind The Scenes post – enjoy!

Georgia x

So, one thing I absolutely was not prepared for was the amount of detail that goes into finishing and publishing a book.

Ok, that sounds silly. I don’t mean the scrutiny your grammar goes under, or the cover design revisions, or the structural tweaks. I was sort of prepared for those.

I mean the smaller aspects of putting your book together. Like acknowledgements, for example. They were at the very bottom of our to-do list, and when I did eventually remember them, I had a complete mind blank. Who do I want to acknowledge? Thank? How was I supposed to know! (This ended up being something I wrote, deleted, wrote, deleted, wrote, deleted, then ended up with a very vague 2 lines).

Font size, spacing, page layout etc are all things I’d never thought twice about, either. I guess, when you’re the consumer, you just expect to pick up a book looking all pretty and easily-readable without thinking twice about margin sizes and paragraphs and all that. Right?

Ultimately, though, all these little things that don’t really seem that significant, are part of the book. Your book. So, they may seem like smaller details, but they all make part of a big picture.

It’s like the whole social media marketing side of things – I never ever thought that I’d meet such great virtual friends via the #WritingCommunity on Twitter (you can follow me here!) and build such an interesting and diverse following list. I don’t live under a rock – I know the power of social media – but I guess I never comprehended just how vital it would be in spreading the word, marketing my work, and finding other great books to read! Making a Twitter account may seem like a smaller detail in the whole publication process, but it has proved a lot bigger than that.

So, this was a bit of a rambling blog. Other than ‘there are small parts of this whole process that’ll surprise you!’ I guess there’s no other real message. But, if you haven’t already, look forward to these little nitty-gritty decisions and details. The whole publishing process really is a whirlwind.

And remember, not long to go now – Beyond is out 1ST MARCH! #BeyondBook


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