Her Greenhouse

30th January, 8:45

Morning everyone! We’re almost done with Jan now and to celebrate I thought I’d share a poem with you all.

Have a great week!

Georgia x

Her Greenhouse

She sits inside the greenhouse,
encased between the glass. The
stifling heat, the soil beneath,
shapes the world that belongs to her.

Once it had been vibrant; a home to
life itself. She had sewn, planted,
fed and watered parts of her soul
she didn’t know existed.

But now those parts of her are numb,
the greenhouse bleak and bare.
The green empire she’d created,
like everything, is gone.

She takes a swig of liquor,
sweat dripping down her skin.
She checks again, for the thousandth
time, but no messages from him.

As she lays down, she sees it;
the greenhouse in full bloom.
Her pride and joy, her paradise –
a vision of heaven itself.

She breaths slowly for the last time
as her body sinks into the earth.
A smile plays on her lips; this
blossoming universe will always be hers.


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