Treat Yo Self

23rd January, 10:00

Hi lovely readers

I hope you’re all having a great week full of accomplishments and enjoyment. And if you’re not, don’t worry: you’re not alone! As January is a long and gruelling month for a lot of us, I thought for this post I’d compile a list of ways we can treat ourselves. In fact, more precisely phrased, look after ourselves. Self-care is so important and sometimes our moods just need a little lifting. Or, maybe you want to get yourself a little something because of an accomplishment or milestone. Either way, my motto is you deserve it! I’ve categorised the following ideas by budget, too, to scroll on down for some gifting inspo. Let me know if you get anything!

Georgia x

£5 and under

  1. Your favourite drink: Something we all need once in a while! If you’re not into alcohol or are under 18, grab a large bottle of your favourite soft drink/flavoured water and go to town! If you’re into wine, I’d recommend my personal fave Echo Falls, retailing at under £5 in most supermarkets. Even if you’re into the more expensive stuff, pop into a pub and take a moment for yourself with a glass of whatever your heart desires.


2. A new candle: Never under-estimate the power of a clean room and a new candle! Pop your bedding in the wash, give your room a spring clean, have a lovely shower and snuggle into bed with your brand new candle burning on the windowsill. Trust me, it’ll feel amazing! For an affordable option, the Glade candle range is around £3-£4 and the limited edition ones smell beautiful.

download (1)

3. Hand cream: A very underrated option! Looking after yourself and your skin is so important, especially in the winter. Having one in your bag or at your desk at work will really make a difference. Choose a lovely-smelling one for an added bonus! Slightly above £5, my personal favourite is the Burt’s Bees Hand Cream, retailing at Boots for £8 but The Body Shop do some very luxurious ones at £5 each – bargain!

download (2)


£10 – £20

  1. A new book: Obviously, this one is no shock. What’s better than being snuggled in warm PJs, cuppa tea in one hand, new book in the other? Wander into a bookshop and take your time if you can; pick up what interests you. Take in the covers, the blurbs. Maybe go something out of your normal reading range – you may be pleasantly surprised!

download (3)

2. Something to wear: And this really can be anything you fancy! A new hat? T-shirt? Socks? PJs? Whatever your heart desires! This really can be as budget or lavish as you wish, too; there are some beautiful clothes in Charity shops, and January is a great month for sales in chain stores, too. If you’re a student, make sure you sign up free to Unidays for great discounts!


3. Spend an afternoon having fun: Yep, reward yourself with free time doing exactly what you want to do. This is one I’d highly recommend! Maybe you want to see a movie? Great! Go for dinner? Yum! Swim? Ice skate? Gym session? Wine tasting? The world is your oyster. Whatever you want to do, dirarize it in and always make sure you have time for yourself.


£40 +

  1. Indulge in a luxury item: Maybe something you won’t use that much, or keep for special occasions. Maybe it’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while; well, when payday drops, go for it! This could be a perfume/aftershave, makeup, shoes, sports gear, a Playstation game – you name it! I love browsing John Lewis for a lovely new lipstick when I’m indulging – my current obsession are the Charlotte Tilbury lipglosses.

images (1)

2. Get a massage: There is nothing like a good massage. Get a deep-tissue if you’ve got back pain or a Sweedish if you’re wanting to relax. There’s such a variety of beautiful treatments available; visit your local beautician/massage parlour or have a look into going to a branded spa, like Clarins or Bannatyne, for that all-out experience.

download (4)

3. Book a getaway: Now, this one really is up-there price-wise, but worth it. Everyone needs a break sometimes from the crazy stress of every-day life! And a getaway could be anything from a night in a country B&B to a Europe weekender to 7 days in the sun somewhere! It really does depend on your budget and what you fancy. I would recommend checking out for great hotel deals and Holiday Pirates for the best holiday bargains out there!

download (5)

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