The Bridge

10th November, 1:40

On this incredibly grey and gloomy Saturday, I thought I’d post one of the poems I wrote for my Creative Writing degree last year. Sonnets are harder than they look!

Georgia x

The Bridge

We approached it with caution, attention, care,
for the panels were rickety; damaged
by clumsy feet, the elements, ravaged
by wildlife. The find itself was rare;
the rush of the water, the warmth of the air,
a secluded paradise, packaged
neatly just for us. How we managed
to cross it, I’ll never be quite aware.
But once we did, what a place we found!
A utopian world for girl and boy
sharing whispers and secrets, feet on the ground,
heads in the clouds, indulging in ploys,
our earlier worries and fears drowned;
crossing the bridge brought us infinite joy.



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