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6th December, 19.34

Happy Thursday one and all! Just a quick one tonight – though helpful (hopefully!) nonetheless. I’ve complied a list of links to the most helpful pages I found in my writing journey. Check one out, check some out, check all of them out if you have the time – they really are worth a look.

https://www.writersandartists.co.uk – an essential. Providing industry advice for writers and authors covering all sorts of topics, services, names in the game – and more
https://www.grammarly.com – not for everyone, but a great tool to help you with those pesky grammar mistakes upon proofreading time
https://www.pinterest.co.uk – you’d be surprised how inspirational this website can be, for anything from original story ideas to book covers! (And, on an unrelated note … yummy recipies … and home decor … and home made Christmas gifts …)
https://www.creativewritingink.co.uk/writing-competitions – a great starting point is to look into submitting your work into competitions. This website is updated regularly and has a variety of contests to sink your teeth into, with themes and word counts to suit all
https://www.societyofauthors.org – again, industry advice. Pricey, but worth it if you can stretch to signing up
https://jerichowriters.com – a great resource to find and research literary agents. It also offers services such as proofreading and manuscript assessments
https://uk.linkedin.com – a great social media platform to present yourself as a professional writer. You can easily connect with fellow writers, reviewers and even publishers/agents


Georgia x


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